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The number one best-selling book The In-Sync Diet has now been taken to a whole new level. The brand new online programme. combining the expertise of nutritionist
Fleur Borrelli with practical advice from actress Glynis Barber, can now be delivered to you through your own secure portal in an easy to do phased approach.

Divided into six easy phases with videos, exercises and recipes, you have 9 1/2 weeks to move toward your fat loss goal. Each phase is divided into the four aspects of health behind a powerful fat burn programme – Eat, Drink, Move, Rest. By following our four aspects of health in each phase you will surge towards your ultimate success.

After each phase you will be able to measure your results with our fabulous Smart Scales (available in our shop) and chart your success on your own personal In-Sync Calculator included with the programme. The In-Sync Calculator will give you a graphical display of your progress and tell you exactly where you need to focus on next.

Join an exclusive Facebook community of fellow In-Syncers that will be able to support you through the programme and give you the benefit of their experience. Glynis and Fleur regularly check in with the group and interact with members.

Receive further support and have your questions answered each month from Fleur Borrelli via a Facebook Live session.

Your In-Sync Journey in 6 Easy Steps



Commit is your time to prepare your body, mind and environment for maximum fat burn!

  • Find out which essential foods and kitchen staples you need to stay ahead of the game. Learn how to boost your health with safe cooking methods and nutrient dense foods
  • Discover the super Smart Scales that tell you when you are burning fat. Keep tabs on muscle tone which will help keep you slim long after the programme

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Did you know that your gut health is crucial for weight loss? Get amazing results and boost your friendly bacteria with our two-day vegetable cleanse which prepares you for action from the inside out!

  • Introducing nutrient-packed foods loaded with health-promoting ingredients that will be the secret weapon in improving gut health and ensuring maximum results on the In-Sync programme
  • Discover Glynis Barber’s invaluable tips that have been put together as a result of her wealth of experience of being In-Sync

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You are now prepared and primed and ready to start the fat burning part of the programme. This is where we will introduce you to all the incredible foods you will be eating for the rest of your 8 weeks.

  • Learn which foods shift weight around the middle and help you to feel fuller for longer. Discover our Top Twelve Foods for fat loss
  • Learn which oils improve your mood, your energy levels and even help you to burn fat

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Discover the In-Sync secret of when and when not to eat and the importance of timing your meals in relation to exercise to truly release your fat burning potential.

  • Find out which meals are really the most important ones of the day and how you should be eating to skyrocket your energy and banish fatigue
  • Learn which exercise gives your body no other option but to burn fat

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Just when you thought it was getting a bit too easy, we challenge you a little more in In-Sync Consolidate. Because you are burning fat fast, there is no chance of hitting that familiar plateau!

  • Less food is not always better when it comes to burning fat. Try out our recipes and meal plans on your friends and family too – nobody needs to know you are actually on a diet!
  • Discover how switching from one type of exercise to another will promote fat loss

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You are now on the home stretch. Learn in our final phase how to enjoy your favorite foods and still be able to achieve your ultimate fat loss goal.

  • Explore new ways of shifting the pounds alongside food and exercise
  • Get the scoop on sugar and other sweeteners. The market is flooded with ‘healthy alternative’ sweeteners. Find out if they really are as healthy as they seem and which are better than others

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