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Andrea McLean Chat

Feb 17, 2019 | Eat |

Andrea Mclean Chat

In this second episode, Glynis sits down with Loose Women presenter Andrea Mclean and has a chat about her relationship with food and any questions or problems she may have about it. She explains why being In-Sync means you have tons of energy, sleep well and your body weight stays consistent.

Andrea and Glynis talk digestive discomfort

She discovers Andrea McLean often has a problem with bloating – something we all suffer with from time to time.  The good news is Glynis thinks she knows why. Together they share their secrets for banishing the bloat and Glynis explains how being In-Sync is all about following an anti-inflammatory diet. When we are out-of-sync our energy is low, our hormone balance disrupted and we feel tired-all-the time.