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Andrea McLean does the In-Sync Fridge Challenge

Feb 16, 2019 | Eat |

The In-Sync Fridge challenge

In the In-Sync fridge challenge series, no-one’s fridge is safe from Glynis as she peers through. She’s determined to find what people are really eating behind closed doors and the truth has to be in their fridge. She then rates them out of 10 on the In-Sync scale. People seem to be taking this a bit personally as you will find out in each episode.

Glynis meets Andrea Mclean

In this second episode Glynis meets Andrea Mclean to talk about a range of subjects from bread to champagne, from optimum protein to vegetable diversity and from lactose intolerance to the discomfort caused by lectins.
Find out what In-Sync rating Glynis gives Andrea and how she feels about it…..