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The Beer Belly Diet: How to Lose Visceral Fat

Jun 16, 2018 | Drink, Eat, Move |

A ‘beer belly’ is the term given to the accumulation of excessive fat around the middle that men seem to be more prone to. While beer is definitely a contributing factor, it is not the only reason why some men can gain those unwanted spare tyres.

What is visceral fat?

As we get older, the metabolism can slow down and we become more sedentary. Rather than burning fat we become more prone to accumulation of fat around the midriff and this is known as visceral fat. Visceral fat is deep fat below the skin in the abdominal space where vital organs such as your liver, pancreas and kidneys reside.

Is visceral fat dangerous?

Visceral fat is also known as ‘dangerous fat’ because it can cause chronic inflammation. This happens when the fat cells in your abdominal cavity get too full and start to spill their contents attacking your immune system. Chronic inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease and cardiovascular disease.
Not only that, fat can start to accumulate in other organs of the body too. A beer belly could be a sign that you are beginning to collect fat in your liver and even in your heart. When organs contain too much fat, they are not able to function properly. A layer of fat around the heart is believed to be a contributing factor in the narrowing of arteries. You may therefore have symptoms of heart disease if you have high visceral fat but not even realise it.

Does beer cause a beer belly?

Most alcoholic drinks, bar spirits, can cause unwanted weight gain around the middle because of their high sugar content. By the same token, so can foods that are high in sugar or starchy carbs. These include sugary desserts, cakes and pastries, pasta and potatoes. A diet high in sugar coupled with a sedentary job means that the appearance of the dreaded beer belly can be almost inevitable.

The beer belly diet: 5 tips for losing visceral fat

Here are our top five tips for how to lose visceral fat and restore your abs once more:

  • Evaluate your alcohol consumption
    You may need to rethink your tipple of choice for a while and move away from the beer to something less sugary. If you chose a spirit such as vodka, be careful what you mix it with as mixers can be too sugary themselves. Instead go for a squirt of lime juice and soda.
  • Ditch the grains
    Take out grains from your diet because they are prone to causing inflammation and increase your vegetable intake instead. Vegetables are nutrient dense carbohydrates that will support your waistline too.
  • Set meal times
    Aim to get some gaps in between your meals because that is when you will be burning fat.
  • Drink when you’re thirsty
    Make sure you hydrate well when you are thirsty and not before. That way your cells will hydrate more, function better and be less likely to store fat.
  • Keep active
    Don’t allow yourself to sit for too long. Set an alarm to take a break from your desk every forty five minutes.

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