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How to live longer and have more energy

How to Live Longer (And Stay Healthy) Whilst genes can load the gun when it comes to your health, lifestyle pulls the trigger. It is never too  late to make a few simple changes to your daily habits that can mean that you live a longer, healthier  life. Learning from...

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The Beer Belly Diet: How to Lose Visceral Fat

A ‘beer belly’ is the term given to the accumulation of excessive fat around the middle that men seem to be more prone to. While beer is definitely a contributing factor, it is not the only reason why some men can gain those unwanted spare tyres. What is visceral fat?...

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How to lose weight on holiday

How to Lose Weight on Holiday: Eight Ways to Keep in Shape in the SunYou have been working hard getting bikini-ready and you don’t want to succumb to bad habits whilst you are away or come back with an extra tyre around your middle. The good news is there is plenty...

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