Eat more fish

Eat more fish

Consuming fish on a regular basis promotes excellent growth and bone structure and also protects us from degenerative diseases.  And what is more deep-sea and cold-water fish contain the all important omega 3 fatty acids that are deficient in most modern diets. Mackerel, cod, haddock, herring, wild salmon, anchovy, pollock and sardines should all feature […]

Be pro-evolution to burn fat and boost immune health

Be pro-evolution to lose weight

Becoming pro-evolution in your approach to weight loss can burn fat and boost your immune system. Throughout your ancestral past eating the right foods and maintaining fitness would have helped your ancestors to survive. Supporting metabolism using a pro-evolution approach One of the ways you can do this is by supporting your metabolic system.  This […]

viral protection against coughs and colds

8 In-Sync tips to protect yourself against mild viral infections

A new corona virus has been identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness that originated in Wuhan, China. It has now spread to other countries around the world and represents a varied level of risk depending on your location, exposure, age, health and immune resilience.  Milder versions of respiratory illnesses caused by […]

Evolve Health Retreat

Due to the uncertainty of the impact Covid-19 is having on travel, we have extended our early bird discount until the 30th April.  We have made this decision because we care about your health and the philosophy of the retreat is to boost robustness and resilience as well as providing an opportunity for you to […]

body composition scales

What gets measured gets improved

  So how do you do it? Body mass index or BMI, is the standard measurement which gives you the relationship between weight and height. But it does not give you any information about what your weight is made up of.  You need to know your body composition i.e. what your body is made up […]

Lose weight with The In-Sync Diet 6 Step Plan

The In-Sync weight loss diet plan will help you to become lighter, healthier and more confident. If you’ve followed weight loss diet plans before with little success, or if you’ve found yourself putting on weight again after a previous diet, then this is for you. Try this natural, evolutionary diet for a healthier you. The […]

Meet our amazing In-Syncer Emma

Meet our In-Syncer Emma who has been with us since the beginning and is a fantastic contributor to our facebook group.  Emma lives in Cirencester where she looks after her family, her two dogs and the family business. What does your typical day look like? I have been very active since I was at school […]

How should we be drinking water

We tend to drink when we are thirsty but we also use the intake of fluids to punctuate the day and create rest breaks or time out of our busy lives. In terms of adequate hydration, many of us have been told that we need to be getting through eight glasses of water per day. Others of us rely on carrying a water bottle to be able to take sips at a regular basis. But is there any scientific basis for this drinking behaviour? Should we be constantly taking in fluid and regular intervals? To answer this question let’s look at what thirst is all about.

The healthy approach to a low carb high fat diet (LCHF)

There is a huge amount of research that suggests eating low carb high fat diet has benefits beyond simply weight loss and fat burn by pushing you into ketosis. Ketosis is a healthy state that we reach when fat is converted into ketones in the liver that can be used as an energy source during periods when the intake of carbohydrate is low. But the problem is that often people are cutting out vital plant foods for fear of not being able to reach ketosis. In this article we explore the reasons why a high plant food diet is so important and how you can eat plenty of them and still successfully follow a high fat low carb programme.

The benefits of a low carb higher fat diet

Calorie counting is a low carb/low fat/ low protein approach to counter weight gain that does not work at all because not all calories are created equal. And so, contrary to what we’ve been told for years, consuming fat provides an important fuel for the body and having a high carbohydrate diet may actually stop us from burning fat.

A fit body is not just for the beach

A fit body is for life, not just the beach. If you have ever embarked on a dramatic weight loss diet to prepare for your beach holiday, you will know how difficult it is to keep that weight off. Once you are away, you allow yourself to indulge. When you come back you find that the weight has come creeping back. It feels completely unfair but when you look at what happens to your body on a ‘get skinny quickly’ programme, you will understand a fit body is for life, not just the beach.

How to lose weight on holiday

You have been working hard getting bikini-ready by losing weight and you don’t want to succumb to bad habits whilst you are away or come back with an extra tyre around your middle. The good news is there is plenty you can do to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and still enjoy your hard earned holiday.

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