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As a member you will receive tips and videos on how to keep your body in fat burning mode and your health in the optimal range. Glynis and Fleur share the secrets of how they always stay in shape by following the In-Sync guidelines. It is THE club to join to maintain your fantastic results and carry on burning fat after completing The In-Sync Diet Plan.


Deliciously satisfying nutrient-rich recipes that will inspire you to reduce your waistline and increase your longevity too.


Get practical advice from Glynis and Fleur through their chatty videos. Subjects will include every aspect of diet and exercise, as well as preparing and cooking seasonal foods.


Stay up to date on all things health related through our articles. Transform your life with our four powerful pillars of health – Eat, Drink, Move, Rest.


Learn to secure lifelong health and vitality with Glynis and Fleur’s exercise videos and tips. We include exercises for the gym, home and outside.

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Get tips and support via your own exclusive Convert Facebook group. Expert advice from Fleur via Facebook Live session each month too.

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