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Glynis Barber talks to The Lifestyle News Hound about life In-Sync

Jan 21, 2019 | Eat |

The Lifestyle News Hound is a new podcast with a new direction and a fresh look at all things lifestyle, relevant and innovative to salute women 40 plus.  Hosted by Emma Forbes and Gemma Sheppard, it is both inspirational and aspirational with love, laughter and wisdom.  In this episode the wisdom is coming from Glynis Barber as she talks to her hosts about her In-Sync transformation and gives her top tips for good health.

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Here are some of Glynis’ key take-homes:


  • Evolutionary nutrition may have something to say about our current  lifestyle because we are eating ourselves unwell.
  • There are foods that are harsh for the gut to digest even without allergy and intolerance and these can take their toll.
  • We should forget calories because they are irrelevant and really it is all about the foods you eat. Dieting can put tremendous pressure on you. Instead we should be more proactive about what we eat.
  • Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day and often can be our most calorific meal – even smoothies can pile the calories on.
  • If you want to have more energy you should eat less often. Yet the world we live in is all about snacking.


  • What you eat and when you eat and timing it in conjunction with exercise is very important if you want to burn fat.
  • Exercise is very effective for fat burn and also acts as an anti inflammatory when you exercise in a fasted state.
  • Eating and drinking little and often is a behavior that our brains do not recognize. In our evolutionary past, hunger and thirst were signals to move and hunt and forage.


  • Rest is as important as moving – we should aim to get quality sleep and go to bed at a decent time.
  • Being In-Sync means living within your biorhythm by trying to get into good habits e.g. by going to bed at the same time, not keeping your phone by your bed. It is basically about finding your rhythm and what works for you
  • Tired-all-the-time is now a syndrome. Part of the problem is our constant grazing.  We do it to keep blood sugar levels stable but in reality it means we are constantly digesting and that consumes energy.
  • One way to prepare for the day is to start with a short meditation. This means being still and breathing for five or ten minutes to calm the nervous system.
  • You can come to the four pillars of health at any point in your life – it is never too late to get In-Sync and go back to the four pillars.