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In-Sync Chat with Kate Thornton

Jan 6, 2019 | Eat |

In-Sync Chat

In In-Sync Chat, Glynis sits down and has a cosy little chat with people about their relationship with food and any questions or problems they may have about it. She explains why being In-Sync means you have tons of energy, sleep well and your body weight stays consistent once you have reached your ideal weight.

Here she chats with TV presenter Kate Thornton who has had problems with her energy and gets mid afternoon dips. Glynis too used to have issues with energy and get energy dips that would make her tired and grumpy. She puts it down to the fact she used to rely on eating little and often to try and keep her blood sugar levels more stable. But really what she was doing was putting more pressure on her digestive system by doing so. Glynis explains that the more often you eat, the more your digestive system has to get to work to make sure you digest your food. And this can make you tired.

And of course, as Glynis highlights, what you eat when you do eat is all important. Remember that healthy fats and protein will make you feel fuller for longer and help you to avoid the snacking trap. Energy dips and sugar cravings may be due to you relying on the constant top-ups of food. The minute it is all metabolized, you are hungry again. And this way you never burn fat. When you burn fat you make so much more energy for yourself.

The In-Sync Diet is an exciting user-friendly online 6 step plan. It has been carefully honed into a six phase programme with lots of videos to help you along the way. As well as exercise videos and even a guided meditation, co-founders Glynis and Fleur will tell you what to expect in each phase.

Each phase is based on the four pillars of health – Eat, Drink, Move and Rest. Each pillar gives you the essentials you need to achieve success. We know that most diets either don’t work or have few lasting effects. The In-Sync Diet Plan works because it transforms your body from relying on sugar as an energy source, to burning fat. When you burn fat you not only look leaner and more toned, you drop weight and have much more energy too.

Join us and the tens of thousands of other In-Syncers for your health and weight loss transformation.