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The In-Sync Fridge Challenge with Kate Thornton

Dec 28, 2018 | Eat |

In the In-Sync fridge challenge series, no-one’s fridge is safe from Glynis as she peers through. She’s determined to find what people are really eating behind closed doors and the truth has to be in their fridge. She then rates them out of 10 on the In-Sync scale. People seem to be taking this a bit personally as you will find out in each episode.

In this first episode Glynis and Kate talk about healthy proteins and not so healthy ones. Having adequate amounts of healthy protein in your diet is important but we don’t want you to have too much of the processed meats such as bacon, pancetta, sausages, ham, chorizo and salami because of the preservatives that may not always be good for you.

The conversation then naturally turned to smoked salmon and whether that might be a good option. Eating more fish means you are eating more anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats that are often low in our diets. And when you are choosing fish you may want to select wild rather than farmed so that you are exposing yourself to fewer chemicals. By the same token, when you are selecting red meat (beef, pork, lamb), grass-fed may be a better choice. The meat will be higher in anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats too.

The way meat is cooked is also important to consider. High temperatures produced by roasting or frying can create unhealthy chemicals so aim to cook for longer at lower temperatures using oils that are able to withstand heat better, to prevent this from happening. And we give you plenty of suggestions of what to use.

Glynis was delighted to see that Kate uses a healthy fat, butter instead of a low fat-spread such as margarine. Butter tastes so much better and it is also one of the best sources of vitamin A and other vitamins such as E, K and D. Margarine is a processed food created from vegetable oil. The process of making the liquid into a solid can potentially produce trans fats that have been linked to many health conditions including heart disease.