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Jake Wood does the In-Sync Fridge Challenge

Mar 12, 2019 | Eat |

The In-Sync Fridge challenge

In the In-Sync fridge challenge series, no-one’s fridge is safe from Glynis as she peers through. She’s determined to find what people are really eating behind closed doors and the truth has to be in their fridge. She then rates them out of 10 on the In-Sync scale. People seem to be taking this a bit personally as you will find out in each episode.

Glynis meets Jake Wood

In this third episode, Glynis wants to find out if mens’ fridges are different to womens’ and decides to invade the kitchen of fellow Eastenders actor Jake Wood.  Jake’s fridge is actually double sided so plenty of room for Glynis to get right in to see what he has!  Jake keeps himself very fit and active so is that reflected in the food he eats too?  What the video and find out…