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How to lose weight on holiday

May 15, 2018 | Drink, Eat, Move, Rest |

You have been working hard getting bikini-ready by losing weight and you don’t want to succumb to bad habits whilst you are away or come back with an extra tyre around your middle. The good news is there is plenty you can do to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and still enjoy your hard earned holiday.

If you’re worried about un-doing all your pre-holiday hard work, try our 8 ways to lose weight on holiday

  1. Don’t be tempted by airport snacks
    Airports and ferries can mean spending long interminable hours waiting around until you reach your destination. And there is often little to do but to snack on whatever catches your eye. Rather than eating little and often it is better to save yourself for a good slap-up meal that leaves you satisfied and you can sit and properly enjoy. Then don’t eat again until you arrive.
  2. Keep Hydrated
    Make sure you stay well hydrated if you are spending time in the hot sun, particularly if you have been partaking of the local brew the night before. Drink plenty of water when you first wake up and again when you feel a thirst coming on. Your body will therefore be able to maintain its vital functioning and you will be less likely to accumulate unwanted fat.
  3. Save alcohol as a special treat
    Drinking alcohol in the hot sun will dehydrate you and make you tired. Chances are it will also cause unwanted weight gain too. Aim to only drink alcohol with your evening meal. Alternatively if you do have that glass of rose during the day, have plenty of water before and afterwards.
  4. Get exploring
    Spend the most part of your day being active and try to avoid being rooted to the spot on your sun lounger for too long. Walk as much as you can and take the stairs rather than the lift. Hire a bike and take a tour of the local area and put on your dancing shoes in the evening.
  5. Keep an eye on your meals
    No need to avoid the hotel buffet, just reduce your meals to three or possibly two per day. You might get up and have a good breakfast and then not need to eat until you have dinner in the evening. Alternatively have a lighter breakfast and lunch and enjoy a more substantial meal in the evening.
  6. Don’t dodge full-fat
    Contrary to what you may have been told, eating plenty of healthy fat can be very useful to help you manage your weight. Go for a full-fat yoghurt at breakfast, enjoy an olive oil dressing on your salad at lunch and eat your evening vegetables Mediterranean-style gently cooked in olive oil in the evening.
  7. Treat yourself once in a while
    Don’t feel you need to deny yourself because that can lead to uncontrolled eating. Make sensible food choices at mealtimes, opting for the seasonal dishes that are on offer. If you do fancy a treat, just include it as part of your meal once per day.
  8. Try the local cuisine
    Enjoy what the local cuisine has to offer by trying their salads, vegetables and seafood. Avoid fast food options and sugary drinks including cocktails and spirit mixers.