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The benefits of a low carb higher fat diet

Sep 17, 2018 | Drink, Eat |

Calorie counting is a low carb/low fat/ low protein approach to counter weight gain that does not work at all because not all calories are created equal. And so, contrary to what we’ve been told for years, consuming fat provides an important fuel for the body and having a high carbohydrate diet may actually stop us from burning fat.

As time goes by, we are seeing more and more that the low fat recommendations have not affected our waistlines in a positive way. Obesity is on the increase and is drastically affecting our health.  And it is becoming clear that the main reason for this could be not eating too much fat, but eating too little —and too much carbohydrate.

Fat stores in your body

Fat can exist in many forms and is stored around your body in different ways and places. For example, it can be found beneath the skin and this is known as adipose tissue or around the organs and this is called visceral fat.  Visceral fat is the most dangerous type of fat because if allowed to accumulate, it can attract the immune system producing inflammation.  Inflammation that gets out of control is at the root of most chronic disease.  And what is frightening is that you might not even be aware it is there.

Skinny Fat

So just because you may look slim, it does not necessarily mean you are low in body fat.  This is why more attention is being given to the dangers of being ‘skinny fat’ i.e. seemingly looking  thin on the outside but actually having too much fat on the inside, in the abdominal cavity where your organs reside. And it is becoming increasingly clear that this can be caused by eating too many refined carbs such as pasta and bread as well as sugary soft drinks and processed foods.

Fat Burn

Many people find it difficult to burn fat.  This means they tend to lose lean muscle instead when on a diet.  And because muscle burns fat, losing it makes it harder for them to get the results they really want.

The secret to being able to get rid of visceral fat is to eat a low carbohydrate, higher healthy fat diet such as The In-Sync Diet 6 Step Plan. You will find you feel so much more satisfied when you are eating the right kind of fats.  And they will help you to shift more easily into burning fat because they can curb food cravings and the need to eat too often.

Becoming an efficient fat burner

Being more efficient at burning fat will really help you to shift unwanted weight around the middle.  The In-Sync Diet also introduces you to different types of exercise that will guarantee your success.

By eating a low carbohydrate diet, higher healthy fat diet, not only can your visceral fat reduce but you will feel so much more energy too.  Your body can respond quickly to this method of eating and the health benefits can last a lifetime.