Success Stories

The greatest success stories don’t last an instant, but a lifetime. Have a look at some In-Sync stories that have revolutionised the way people are dieting.

Clive's Story

Aged 52, London, UK

I had noticed the clothes getting tighter but chose to ignore it as my food intake and exercise had remained steady.

Di's Story

Aged 59, Coventry, UK

Following the In-Sync program has been life changing - I lost 30kg and feel a good 10 years younger.

Debbie's Story

Aged 45, Bristol, UK

I followed the 8 week plan to the letter and the weight and inch loss was astonishing.

Joanna's Story

Aged 47, Warsaw, Poland

I have much more energy and a lot of satisfaction because with In-Sync’s help I took matters into my own hands. I have gone from size XXL to L, sometimes M!

Felicity & David's Story

Aged 59, Coventry, UK

We both feel like we’ve got our lives back.

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