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Too stressed to digest

May 26, 2019 | Eat |

If you’re stressed, you can’t digest it is as simple as that. And if you can’t digest, you can’t absorb nutrients from the meals you throw down at the rate of knots because your time is snatched. And if you can’t absorb, you don’t have enough energy to keep juggling your busy lifestyle.

Caffeine and sugar hits

You will then be tricked into thinking that lots of caffeine and sugar hits—and anything else remotely stimulating—is going to supply that energy you’re in desperate need of.  In the meantime, the rest of your body’s struggling to function and your poor liver can barely dispose of the caffeine in time before the next lot heads its way .

And the problem with constantly being stressed is that the body needs even more nutrients to maintain this stress level. Also you won’t be able to digest your food properly. So what does this actually feel like?

Digestive symptoms

Here are some of those poor digestion symptoms you might be familiar with:

Difficulty swallowing
Stomach pains shortly after eating
Feeling of fullness after meals
Frequent wind (belching) after meals
Acid reflux
Abdominal bloating between 1-2 hours after eating
Flatulence, gas after meals
Constipation / diarrhoea
Bad breath

Flight or fight

So if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms you need to take a look at the way you eat. For example, if you regularly eat on the go, and more often than not don’t sit down to enjoy your meals your digestive system shuts down because your brain thinks you’re in danger. Then fight or flight mode takes over.

Rather than digesting your precious nutrients, what actually happens is your breathing rate goes up, your heart rate increases, your blood vessels constrict and even your bladder relaxes, even your eyesight changes. This can take a toll on your health eventually.


On The In-Sync Diet we offer you four pillars of health Eat, Drink, Move and Rest to help you to burn fat and increase energy levels.  We are also an anti-inflammatory diet that will support your digestive system too.