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Why The In-Sync Diet works

Nov 11, 2018 | Eat |


The In-Sync Diet is a weight/fat loss programme that has been carefully honed by psycho-neuro-immunologist Fleur Borrelli and actress Glynis Barber into a user-friendly online plan.  Most of us want to feel better, look younger, feel slimmer and live longer and Glynis and Fleur show you how.

Reducing your body fat

The six-step online plan provides doable strategies for you to effectively reduce your body fat.  Fat that can accumulate around the middle, known as visceral adipose tissue, is of particular concern because of its link to inflammation and chronic disease.  The In-Sync Diet gives you time-tested techniques that will help produce a shift from using sugar as an energy source to being able to tap into your fat stores – creating a slimmer, healthier you.  And when you burn fat you lose weight too and you also become lean and toned.

How we can become out-of-sync

Drawing on the principles of evolutionary biology,  the rationale behind The In-Sync Diet is that the world has moved on at a rapid pace and our DNA and bodies haven’t evolved as quickly. In the modern world, we cope with the pressures it brings by preempting our needs.  We drink in case we are thirsty rather than when we are thirsty. We eat before we are about to go out and move, whether we are hungry or not. We do most things whilst we are at a computer and we move less. And we try to stay ahead of the game by reducing our sleep time and working on into the night. All of this is making us out-of-sync, our bodies are confused

Confusion means hormone dysregulation, disrupted energy levels, inflammation and the best survival mechanism we have amongst all of this chaos is to gain weight and store fat.

How the In Sync diet works:

There are no fads, no dogma, no calorie counting, just plain common sense.  The online format enables you to easily transition through each stage of the programme with the help of beautiful recipes and meal ideas, exercise videos and extra resources.

The diet consists of 6 phases to be completed over a period of 9 ½ weeks.  Each of the six phases consists of the The In-Sync four piers of health – Eat, Move, Drink and Rest.

The phases comes with an introductory video from Glynis and Fleur, explaining all you need to know about the phase you are about to start.  There are plenty of resources to support you such as a recipe section, exercise videos, an exclusive facebook group and a science and myth section for those who wish to delve a little further into the rationale behind the plan.

An additional feature of The In-Sync Diet Online Plan is that the focus is on improving body composition rather than looking at weight alone. You can get our Smart Scales, and put your results into our interactive In-Sync Calculator and get a graphical display of your progress and learn where you need to focus next.

Join us now and start your In-Sync journey today!