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Reset your metabolism, burn fat, lose weight with The In-Sync Diet 6 Step Plan.

The Exclusive 6 Step Plan

Whether it’s dropping a dress size before a wedding, looking your best for an upcoming holiday, or feeling more energised day-to-day, The In-Sync diet works for every body.

Begin your journey to a healthier, slimmer lifestyle with The In-Sync Diet 6 Step Plan.

How it works

Here are the 6 steps to transforming yourself

Commit - Step 1

Prepare for your weight loss journey. Learn the In-Sync secrets to successful slimming and a healthier, happier life.

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Cleanse - Step 2

Promote healthy digestion and boost the good bacteria in your gut.

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Commence - Step 3

Start your diet with nourishing foods and delicious recipes that will guarantee your transformation to a slimmer, healthier you.

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Combine - Step 4

Begin to combine easy exercises and well-timed meal plans to burn more fat.

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Consolidate - Step 5

Increase energy and maximise fat burn by easing into occasional fasting the healthy way.

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Complete - Step 6

Boost your metabolism and continue to lose weight, adding in a treat meal once a week.

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How is In-Sync Unique?

The majority of diets are flawed. Whether it’s a book or an online plan, they are designed to be picked up and put down again. This inconsistency means you end up gaining more weight and spend a lot more money.

However, In-Sync isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. We don’t focus on the quick fixes, the short answers, the cheap tricks. We are a diet plan dedicated to help you lose weight, increase your energy and boost your health long into the future.

We believe that fitness isn’t a target but a journey, and with the In-Sync Diet Plan we will continue to send you dieting advice to keep you enthused, intrigued and determined for longer.

Free Online Consultation

You are individual and totally unique. The reasons why you put on weight or struggle to lose weight go beyond eating too much or not exercising enough.

Chances are you’re out-of-sync. Find out more about your body in our online questionnaire and discover how our 6 step online plan can help you.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the testimonials we have received about our life-changing diet.

Felicity & David

Aged 59, Coventry, UK

We both feel like we’ve got our lives back.


Aged 47, Warsaw, Poland

I have much more energy and a lot of satisfaction because with In-Sync’s help I took matters into my own hands. I have gone from size XXL to L, sometimes M!


Aged 45, Bristol, UK

I followed the 8 week plan to the letter and the weight and inch loss was astonishing.


Aged 52, London, UK

I had noticed the clothes getting tighter but chose to ignore it as my food intake and exercise had remained steady.


Aged 59, Coventry, UK

Following the In-Sync program has been life changing - I lost 30kg and feel a good 10 years younger.

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