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The In-Sync Diet will help you lose weight, burn fat and increase your energy

The In-Sync Diet is a 6 step online plan that unites the most up-to-date research from psycho-neuro-immunologist Fleur Borrelli with first hand experience from actress Glynis Barber.

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The In-Sync Diet Plan is perfect for you

If you want to lose fat whilst eating hearty portions of delicious food

If you want to increase your energy levels and improve your mood

If you quickly regain the weight after coming off a diet

If you don’t want to count calories or feel hungry or deprived

Packed full of yummy meals so you’ll never go hungry!

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There are many reasons why you put on weight or you cannot lose weight as easily as you would like. And these reasons go beyond simply needing to eat less and exercise more. Chances are you are out-of-sync.

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Like Glynis you too can be In-Sync in 9 ½ weeks

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